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Bonita Entertainment Studios/BES TV Network

Bonita Entertainment Studios is a movie and music production company dedicated to producing one of a kind independent larger than life studio films and soundtracks, with most of our films based on true stories. With an eye for upcoming driven independent stories, Bonita Entertainment all began in 1986, first as a Record Company and later became a film production company highly focused on making unique films for mainstream audiences. Bonita Entertainment has gone on to produce music soundtracks, short films along with special events. The Bonita Entertainment team received recognition for the short film “Driven By Revenge” produced and directed by Master June Do, an amazing talented actor and martial artist who also won (Best Villain), along with Best Breakout Actor” in a short film at the Action On Film International Film Festival. The Bonita Entertainment Team also received recognition for the short film “What Profits A Man,” produced and directed by Anthony Rudolph; at the Charlotte Black Film Festival, where it was nominated for “Best Short Film.

From several set backs and ever changing technology in the industry BE emerged from the ashes in 2020 rebranding as Bonita Entertainment Studios aka BES, relocated the operations from LA to Stockton Northern California, where the Bonita Entertainment Team is nowrepresented by Crown North Talent Agency, developing a slate of films and preparing to release it’s unique brand of Cultural Content in theatres and tv network platforms, which will highly entertain, enlighten and inspire the Human Spirit throughout the world.

Executive Team.

Each BES Team Member brings years of experience as we work to bring you some of the best Cultural Content for you to experience.


Tony started the Bonita Entertainment brand back in 1986, when he moved from Detroit to San Diego, CA. Tony’s uncle Charles Washington a drummer, singer song writer, had a band in Denver and recorded a single under his independence record label Bonita Records. Charles moved to San Diego, Tony then took over operations as they both started to build Bonita Entertainment Records, with Tony being the main investor in the company. Tony was a drummer because of his Grandfather Bud Washington, Charles also a drummer following in his father Bud’s footsteps, as Bonita Entertainment Records was built in Honor of Bud Washington.

In 1986, Tony produced the remake of Charles independent song Entitled: Love Slip Away” which Tony signed a singer by the name of Bo Henderson to perform the song. Tony was very impressed with Bo, formerly of the Dramatics at that time.

Although Bo Henderson or Barrington Scott as he is also known was the first artist recorded under the Bonita Entertainment Records label, the single the Record Company recorded “Love Slip Away” was never released due to Bo being signed to Solar Records and joined the group Lakeside, where Bo was the lead singer on the groups’ song entitled “Bullseye.”

Later Tony attend Riverside Community College, where he received his AA Degree in Journalism and Film Production. After receiving his AA Degree Tony went on to Cal State San Bernardino to continue his studies in Communication Film and TV Production. At this time Tony added to Bonita Entertainment a Film Production Company and produced Bonita Entertainment’s first film “Who’s Making The Rules,” which had a soundtrack featuring several Bay Area Artist. The company went on to produce more films including “What Profits A Man,” which was nominated for Best Short Film at the Charlotte Black Film Festival.

Tony later moved to Stockton, completed his BS Degree in Business from the University of Phoenix in 2020, rebrand the BE company as Bonita Entertainment Studios, with the Headquarters now located in Stockton Northern California.

Tony learned how to work in a Studio TV Network environment when he received his AA degree, where his first class film project was a short news story he called “Gay Donor Denied” where a Gay student wanted to donate his blood during a school blood drive and was denied. Since those school days Tony wanted to own his own Studio Network Station, but it was several years later keeping that dream alive, Tony in 2021 with his BES company added BES TV Network and Streaming Platform. Tony plans to expand Bonita Entertainment Studios internationally with a Movie Studio and TV Network facility in Ghana West Africa.


In the late 80’s and 90’s Rodney Ealy aka R. E. released several Captivating and extraordinary music videos. In 2003 he partnered with JP Webster in creating the 21 BEC Business Education Consortiums, combining Bonita Entertainment LLC as the media platform. BE. continued collaborating and working with Bonita Entertainment LLC producing hit films like Who’s Making the Rules, and What Profits a Man that won the Best Short Film award at the 2017 Charlotte Black Film Festival. In addition to being Co-Executive Producer of the explosive and educational documentary: The Essence of the Martial Arts, which aired the fall of 2017 on Black Belt TV along with the Martial Arts Network channel.

Carl Washington – VICE PRESIDENT

Carl Washington has been in the Entertainment Business for over 28 years. As an Actor, some of his films include “Clash” (released by Warner Bros.), “Unemployed” (released by Lions Gate) and “Sweet Potato Pie” (also released by Lions Gate). Carl is also known as a writer, having written films like “Hot Parts” released by Roger Corman’s company New Horizon, “Chat Room” (released by Artisan Entertainment before it was bought out by Lions Gate) and the indie urban horror hit “Killjoy” released by Fullmoon Pictures. One of Carl’s future goals is make his feature film directorial debut. Carl has helped BES form new industry relationships and prepare production for the BES slate of films to be released.